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Hotstar MOD APK Information Table

App NameHotstar MOD APK
Latest Versionv23.12.18.10
Size24 MB
Released OnMay 19, 2016
DeveloperNovi Digital
File TypeAPK
Supported ForAndroid Only
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Ratings4.6 out of 5
Price100% Free
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Last Updated OnJanuary 5, 2024

Hotstar Mod Apk is the top-most trending modified version of the official restricted domain of the Disney+ Hotstar application with more advanced Hotstar Premium services, excellently modified latest content, brilliant features, and exotic functional slots. The latest version of the Hotstar mod apk free app offers imaginary premium access to all the VIP mods without spending a single penny but all free of cost.

Watch exclusive movie buffs, unlimited live sports, and 1000s of online broadcasts along with the world’s superlative story strains on TV Hotstar premium Mod Apk. Also, there is nothing like functional compromise, blurred or low-quality video in the latest version of Disney Hotstar premium mod apk but full-length HD streaming in desirable resolution powers like 1080p, 720p, and 360p.

Download Hotstar Mod Apk

In addition to this, there lies a simplistic interface in the Hotstar VIP Mod Apk with a supportive UI system that allows the users to access all sports events like Tata IPL, ISL, and other major super leagues along with the hottest Indian blockbusters, favorite shows, tv serials, and exotic Hotstar specials on clicks. Likewise, a strong measure for safety, smooth and lag-free performance, and ads-free streaming are induced into the app by Novi Digital that is launched in February 2015 as Hotstar and on April 3, 2020 as Disney+ Hotstar. Also, it comes with strong anti-malware units to allocate error-free working.

Likewise, to download the Hotstar mod apk free on your Android smartphone with the best Disney content, tv serials, favorite movies, and live cricket our website we have covered a detailed piece of info to help the users along with millions of successful downloads. So, download Disney plus Hotstar Premium mod apk VIP unlocked for free on your Android device from the below-mentioned link of our website and enjoy spots leagues like IPL along with unlimited movies, 100-plus shows, web series, and 200-plus channels streams with this pro pack access with no need to pay money.

About Hotstar Mod Apk

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to access the biggest sport premium leagues like IPL, ISL, live cricket, tennis, and PKL along with shows and movies with expanded entertainment content for free then download Hotstar Mod Apk for your android device. It is a mega online streaming platform with VIP unlocked and Hotstar special offers that has been launched in February 2015 to provide an unending streaming option to its users, especially for Indian native content. It is the best Indian app that does not imply that the app is limited to Indian native content streaming but with 17 languages coverage it offers the users to stream international movies, TV shows, and series. For this, the Hotstar Mod Apk offers a wide range of channels including HBO, Pixar, Marvels Studio, and many other high-rated channels to stream what you want at no cost.

Additionally, the Hotstar Mod Apk app is free from all the problematic strains like popping up of ads, lags, and loading issues and made a perfect streaming hub with all Native American and Indian content by Novi Digital. Developers’ concern of delivering an aesthetically modified streaming station to millions of movie, sports, and all-genre streaming lovers is amazingly manifested from the technical perfections and exciting features of this latest hack apk. The interface is well-adjusted with an easy and safe operatory mechanism and it is made effortlessly accessible to all its users.

About Hotstar Mod Apk

Likewise, all the icons and options are fully optimized with distinctively allocated slots for live sports streaming to watch live cricket, popular movies, and TV shows, or Disney+Kids along with movie buffs. The best content from India and all over the world is there with the latest content from Bollywood, Marvel, Pixar, HBO, and all the entertainment platforms of today’s world can be found with no price, no subscriptions, no advertisements, no charges, and worry. Rather, the Hotstar mod apk is the place to find the recommended and best content from the whole world with professiosnal rights.

Moreover, the Hotstar premium mod apk is made free from language barriers so that the users can enjoy 100,000 hours of extended content stream in multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Hindi language along with English language and related types with subtitle facility. There you can find your favorite superhero movies like iron man, doctor strange, avenger infinity War, star wars, or Marvel assemble in the dubbed vernacular and enjoy them along with subtitles. Likewise, all the Bollywood and Hollywood movies and shows are available along with the best stories from Disney World.

All-in-all, it is a reliable app for free streaming of all old and new India’s soaps, shows, and movies, along with a wide collection of all TV channels and that too with daily uploads. You can get all-in-one with this professionally modded version and follow sports events by accessing Star Sports, HBO, along with several other Sports channels and watching live cricket matches, hockey tournaments, tennis, football, and unlimited streaming options with this Hotstar Mod Apk Premium unlocked.

So, if you are fond of streaming movies and want unlimited access to the whole world’s daily uploads with magnified post manual then get the Hotstar Mod Apk VIP unlocked with professional compatibility and system support from our website and enjoy watching Hotstar originals, the world’s best stories collection, kid’s content, and Hotstar specials for free. It is fully equipped with all the latest concerns like safe working, non-problematic functionality, and fast performance to amuse the users to a greater extent. Also, the blocked advertisements facility without pay or price manual is there along with successive mod info of the whole world entertainment stream to make the Hotstar mod apk a comfortable and exciting streaming app.

Hotstar Premium Apk

Originally the Hotstar application started in February 2015 as the Indian native streaming service for better worldwide streaming slots for free by Novi Digital and then it was amplified and modded with versatile premium slots to provide a satisfactory mind-feeding to millions of its users. It is decorated with all required tools distinctive useful units, and multiple futuristic entities to meet the entertainment need of the users. The premium version of Hotstar mod is developed and modified in accordance with the present needs of the people with a basic concern of providing them a free-of-cost alternative to highly paid streaming applications.

It is made fully compatible with the user’s Android system to watch all genre content from famous English web series, Marvel studio content, and superhero movies. It can beat Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming apps with its professionally mounted working and free of cost url access. It appeals to all age groups with kid’s content to Hotstar Specials along with a required collection for Binge watchers. Additionally, it offers 100+ shows, unlimited movie buffs, 200+ movies, and 30+originals along with the best talk shows, animated movies, and on-demand video streaming services which also get updated.

Hotstar Premium Apk

Streaming movies, live tv channels, tv serials, and the latest content in different languages on our Android smartphones is quite easy with the best suggestions in the form of an active comment section and professional feedback mechanism on the basis of which the content gets daily updated. Additionally, with the updates in February and April on users’ demand, the Disney plus Hotstar mod apk is also providing services for people in Canada, the USA, the UK, and other countries along with India. The other best thing about this recommended streaming Indian app is that it provides the best means to select and switch between the content with perfectly placed content in a perfected order with its amazing flirters to help the people facing issues in finding recommended content. So, the wait is over now.

All-in-all, the Hotstar premium mod apk is worth suggesting as a streaming app with supreme Premium Apk services to amuse the users with all the features of live TV channels, Hollywood movies, Disney content, and recommended movies and shows. So, download Hotstar Premium Apk file from a safe URL of our website and watch animated movies, TV channels, your favorite TV shows, and so many shows through unlimited access to the Hotstar mod platform without the worry of pay and charges.

Hotstar Premium Apk Gameplay

If you want to enjoy unlimited on-demand streaming content without facing hassle then there could be no better option than the Hotstar mod apk. It is a perfect streaming platform to satisfy your movies, dramas, sports, news, and soaps craze with old, new, and latest added content and an auto-renewal mechanism to access new releases. There lies a very simple interface with easy and straightforward access to all the premium content and that too without paying a single penny but by collecting coins with some exciting playing slots. Also, the app is made 100% compatible with your Android system with no rooting, storage-friendly ability, and user-friendly programmability.

In contrast to the other apps, here the players don’t have to get into any subscription or payment methods to run the app safely but with a real-time coin earning and spending mechanism, access the app freely without any extra cost to your pocket. Moreover, there is a simple downloading and installation process along with a touchscreen operatory mechanism to play a successful online and offline streaming mode. Additionally, fast performance with advertisement blockage and anti-malware units is also maintained in the app. Also, a wide mod menu is provided with prominently placed icons to pave the way for the users to get the best spare time companion.

Hotstar Premium Apk Gameplay

So, select the Hotstar mod apk file with no need to be stuck in the purchase or in the advertisements to get your favorite Hotstar platform but simply subscribe to the Hotstar platform and enjoy the enhanced graphics in HD visuals. Also, get ready to watch tv shows, stream Disney content, and your favorite shows with perfected mod info. Additionally, you can also watch movies and the latest content in Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and other Indian languages along with all the features of the apk Hotstar mod available.

Who Owns Hotstar App

It is the fact the Hotstar apk is nowadays leading with an aesthetically appealing all-genre content manual for the people fond of streaming. It is integrated with all the thrilling shows and movies along with mega cricket and tennis events. The app provides the best fun time to the players and makes them able to access all in the single domain of this application that is developed by Novi Digitals Entertainment Private Limited under the subsidiary of Star India Private Limited.

Who Owns Hotstar App

It is one of the best and top video-on-demand streaming hubs currently owned by The Walt Disney Company India with both Disney+ content and Indian content. It serves in various countries along with India with a subtitle availability and the following area are counted in this respect.

Areas Served by the Hotstar Apk Latest Version

The latest version of the Hotstar apk serves various areas along with India and to answer the FAQs of the people where Hotstar works we have covered all the areas under its available services. The questions like whether will Hotstar serve in Europe, USA, Australia, and Canada are also answered with a strong yes. Canada and the United Kingdom can stream over the Hotstar app with its Indian native-like access while in the United States via Hulu. Likewise, it is effectively serving all movies and TV channels in other parts of the world with trending content.


Great ott platform with extended old and new movies collection, series, dramas, and soaps along with multi-lingual support. I really like the app with the latest modded features along with highly professional working and limitless free streaming hours. Unlike the other streaming apps like Netflix or prime, the Hotstar mod apk is the real enchanter with great value for money through its 3 major subscription plans to make it accessible for everyone.

Additionally, I also love the free access via playing simple games and earning coins to spend with a realistic spending manual. It’s been my close entertainment feed companion for one and half years and it never let me get bored but ever amused with its auto-updating features to access newly reassessed content. The adjustable video quality is unbeatable but the popping up of ads along with the audio berserk is annoying and must be improved by the developers as soon as possible.

What’s Modded in Hotstar Mod Apk

Are you searching for the best-modded version of the original Hotstar Apk streaming application? Yes? Then this article will really help you out with an easily accessible download button along with a complete guide about it. The app is launched with a greater motive of serving people to get entertained in their daily tough and boring routine and bring some enthusiastically activated motives in life. For this, it is furnished with all the required accessories, tools, and items in the form of additional modded functional slots, fast performance, and a professionally mounted interface.

What’s Modded in Hotstar Mod Apk

The Hotstar mod apk version of today is actually a high-tech mod of the original version that is launched on 11 February 2015 to cover the best sports streaming offer for Tata IPL 2023, India vs. new Zeeland, and indo-pak matches along with tennis, football, and other sports leagues for people facing charges issue, advertisement issue, disability of url issue, or other pay issues. This app is initially started with the intent to cover all the sports leagues whether it be cricket, tennis, or football but then get progress in all the countries through its collaboration with Disney media and is winning the hearts of the users with its latest April update through an auto-update mechanism without any worry.

Also, the Hotstar mod apk comes with a Pro Pack modded features slot to offer a limitless streaming lectern at supreme ease. It is also adroitly supported with fully optimized programmability by the developers and technically heightened to spread its appeal universally. Also, it is tested and amplified with repeated intervals so that the users get all done in advance. Several modded features are allocated in the latest modified Hotstar+Disney mod apk that are mentioned below. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • No Ads
  • Screen Recording
  • Multiple Subscription Plans
  • Support Screenshots
  • Extended Star TV Network
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Free Download
  • Condense APK Files
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Debug Info Detachability

No Ads

All of us get annoyed by the popping up of ads that causes a major interruption and provides that user, a hassling interrupted watch-time that is not appreciable and is demanded to be fixed by the whole world. For this, the Hotstar Mod Apk offers a blocking system to remove all the advertisements and disturbing pages. It significantly mounts the pleasure of the streaming experience with all ads blocked. So, it is a desirable feature of the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk that highly serves the players in getting a pleasant feel.

No Ads

Screen Recording

Unlike the other streaming apps, the Hotstar Mod Apk offers users to access a screen recording option so that the users can record any of the content and enjoy it when they want to. There lies a fully supportive system in the Apk Hotstar Mod to ensure a professionally mounted recording feature in multiple languages to increase the fun of streaming.

Screen Recording

Multiple Subscription Plans

One of the most desirable features of the Hotstar mod apk is that it offers multiple subscription plans on various duration bases. It offers the users to don’t struck a single subscription plan but to choose the one that suits them the most. There are monthly and yearly packages with Disney+Hostar VIP, super, and Disney+Hotstar premium slots.

Multiple Subscription Plans

Support Screenshots

The latest mod version of the Hotstar Mod Apk IPL supports screenshots to catch the headlines, special images, or anything you want during live programs. This option of the Hotstar Mod along with recording really impresses the users in making their live TV channel streaming experience a pleasant one and allows them to watch movies, live sports, and Disney media with freedom.

Extended Star TV Network

Unlike the original Hotstar Apk application, the Hotstar Mod Apk offers extended Star TV channels with all Star TV network allocations. The content from all the countries is easily provided with no charges. There the users can find Star Plus with the amazing Star Plus dramas and shows, Star Utsav, and Star Sports to Star Movies and Star Music which is really amazing to get through a single platform. Additionally, the Apk Hotstar Mod allows users to watch movies along with enhanced TV channels for live sports streaming.

Screen Mirroring

Another amazing feature of the Hotstar Mod Apk premium unlocked is that it offers users to enjoy the most desirable screen mirroring feature and get a large view to feel without paying a single penny. These features enhance your streaming experience and allow you to watch live TV channels in a high-quality video by making it possible on any compatible device, IOS, Android, and TV box.

Free Download

Most of the streaming apps don’t support the users to download the content but it is not the case with the Hotstar Mod Apk. It offers a fully supported downloading system to its users so that they can watch movies and Hotstar Apk premium content by getting it downloaded. Additionally, the desired Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, web series, or TV channels can be produced and directed in this respect to watch later.

Free Download

Condense APK Files

The major issue behind the lag and long-run loading remains the large-size file that corrupts the system but the Hotstar Mod Apk comes with a professionally fixed mechanism to remove unnecessary files. By this, all the trackers and redundant things are put aside and a well-organized safe Hotstar mod apk file is produced through which smooth working is maintained with the best streaming suggestions.

Premium Features Unlocked

If you want to get the highly paid premium features for free without spending a single penny then the Hotstar Mod Apk will be the best ultimatum for this. The app provides unlimited premium features for fast performance, wide content library access, and a non-problematic working mechanism along with various other entertainment shots and all unlocked for free in advance.

Premium Features Unlocked

Debug Info Detachability

The Hotstar Mod Apk offers a trace snarl section to remove debug information without making any extra effort but all are fixed with an in-built debug info detachability unit. It helps the users in keeping the system optimized along with maintaining its proficiency by keeping all the malware files and debug information away from the system. 

Hotstar Pro Pack Star Network Stream

Most people including me tend to watch movies, online sports tournaments, TV channels, and desired streaming content in our spare intervals, and for this, we all need a professional streaming platform like Hotstar Mod Apk. It is a pro-pack entertainment hub with an all-in-one star world and other recreationally required slots for streaming films, Hollywood movies, news feeds, sports, dramas, and soaps along with kids and animated content. With a widely extended database and distinctively categorized streaming slots, it offers extended premium content with thousands of watch hours without any subscription need.

Hotstar Pro Pack Star Network Stream

Additionally, the best thing that the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk offers is that it is amplified in all aspects and made a highly strong and reliable repository of entertainment feed for all streaming genres. With a wide range of sports channels, exclusive entertainment slots, and TV streaming slots, the app is highly prioritized as the Hotstar mod apk IPL for Tata IPL, social feed, Indian Super Leagues, PKL, and other grand events stream that is making a greater choice for a great variety of recommended Hotstar Premium Mod Apk content.

Likewise, a prolonged menu for sports streams is offered by the Hotstar pro pack to upcoming events, live auctions, and each and every detail of your favorite league. As the Star India channels are the most reliable and popular choice of all sports enthusiasts so for this the app covered all the Star channels including Star Sports, Star Plus, Channel V, and Asianet. In addition to this, the other best thing about the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk is that it includes the following channels as mentioned below.

  • Star Utsav
  • Star Bharat
  • Asianet Plus
  • Star Pravah
  • Star Maa
  • Star Vijay
  • Star Jalsha

The top-rated streaming options are integrated into the application with a distinctive program list for football, cricket matches, tennis, and soccer play along with hockey, wrestling, TV serials, and other marches. Additionally, the app provides a non-restrictor and the best Star India streaming mechanism with an auto-updated manual to offer ever-updating content without any extra effort and hassle. All-in-all, the Hotstar mod apk pro pack modded version with star world, star plus, and the latest content stream is an unbeatable streaming hub for millions of its users with multi-lingual support. So, download Hotstar Premium Apk with a huge variety of movies and shows in Hindi along with official rights to access all types of content in different languages for professionally recommended fun access.

Disney plus Hotstar Subscription Plans

The app name Hotstar Apk is an exclusive streaming application of today’s time with official rights to serve the people with a comfortable streaming type along with multiple claims and VIP-unlocked exciting features that can be enjoyed for free with the latest modified version of the app. The app is amalgamated with Disney features to offer much-enhanced movie buffs, the world’s best stories collection, and 1000s of absolute steals to watch live TV channels in a greater variety. Although it is a free-of-cost streaming hub with various modded slots, there are also paid subscription plans to opt for. These subscription plans are also equally popular and used by millions of users.

Disney plus Hotstar Subscription Plans

As the article covers every detail about the Hotstar Mod Apk by Novi Digital so that the users can be guided on each step. For free access, the users opt for the secure third-party source as our website, and with the help of super coin, premium access is granted at zero cost. Here the Flipkart applications’ super coins are utilized to avail the desired subscription but for the paid subscription users need real money and we have also covered far-reaching information about it.

The app offers multiple premium viewing plans to its users so that they can opt for the one that they think is much more suitable. All the plans varied in the subscription fee, attributes, working tactics, and smart allocations. The users don’t need to pay much attention to managing Disney Plus Hotstar Mod but with a single download button, they can get this comfortable app. The mostly availed plans are the VIP subscription plan and the Premium subscription plan but there is another intermediate plan as Super Plan. Let’s discuss the Hotstar Mod Apk 3 subscription plans in detail.

  • VIP Subscription Plan
  • Super Plan
  • Premier Subscription Plan

VIP Subscription Plan

If you talk about the most subscribed Disney+ Hotstar plan then it could be clearly stated that it is the VIP subscription plan. The VIP plan is the hottest and most in-demand plan of the app because of its various specification but the main cause behind its popularity is that it cost relatively low than the other plans and suit every class.

VIP Subscription Plan

It’s a cost-friendly option that perfectly suits all those people who want to enjoy VIP premium content without facing any extra expenditure. The plan is specified for the Android devices to triumph the DTH operator and contains various attributes as follows.

  • Budget-friendly subscription plan
  • Limitless streaming hours
  • Extended content availability
  • Support the 720-pixel quality stream
  • Cost 365₹ per annum
  • Successful mobile plan
  • Only one device logged in

Super Plan

Another subscription plan of the Hotstar Mod Apk is the super plan that comes in between the VIP plan and Premier plan and is less popular than these plans but also a fully monetize streaming program. This plan cost relatively high than the VIP plan with a 799 rupees subscription cost for yearly streaming. It is also a superlative program to enjoy thousands of live sports streaming and multiple movie streaming slots. It comes with special attributes of wide connectivity options than the VIP along with full HD video quality streaming. In addition to this, the following attributes are allocated in this plan.

  • Thousands of hours streaming
  • Wide mode menu
  • Professionally mounted functionality
  • Mobile and laptop streaming support
  • Two devices can be logged in
  • HD-quality video streaming
  • Ads-free
  • Cost high than the VIP plan

Premier Subscription Plan

The most preferred subscription plan for limitless brilliant features with favorite movies, favorite shows, extended Disney content, and star India content network is counted to be the Premier Subscription Plan. It is the desired subscription slot to get premium content of all genres without any limit on streaming hours, content, or quality but big-screen streaming feel along with corresponding content release day access. Unlike, the other apps where you have to wait for your favorite movie, series, or other content, the Hotstar Mod Apk with its premium subscription plan makes content accessible to the users on the theater released day, and that too for unlimited times. Also, the plan contains the following benefits.

  • All content available
  • All genre access
  • Enjoy movies on their official release day
  • Watch content on any of the devices
  • Adjustable video quality
  • HD quality content
  • Subtitle available
  • It cost 1499₹ 
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Premium content access
  • Slightly expensive

Features of Hotstar Mod Apk 2023

The Hotstar Mod Apk comes with unlimited latest modified features that are professionally built with some high-tech units and smart attributes to suit the need of the users. So, let’s get know-how about the Hotstar mod features in detail.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • High-Definition Streaming Quality
  • Adjustable Video quality
  • Smart Search
  • Subscriptions and Rooting Abolition
  • Customer Call Care
  • User Support
  • Auto-Syncing and Auto-Connectivity
  • Auto-Updating Features
  • Skip the Intro and Continue Watching
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Subtitles Availability
  • Dual Streaming Modes
  • No Login Required
  • Black Screen Fixed
  • Hotstar Premium and VIP unlocked
  • Storage Friendly

User-Friendly Interface

In addition to the instructiveness, the developers have monetized the Hotstar mod apk interface with ease and higher accessibility to ensure a user-friendly experience. For this, there the users get a search bar along with a precise filter for genre, country, year, and other options that make it a user’s friendly interface. It helps them in accessing movies, soaps, and animated content along with desired channels within seconds. It is a greater asset for the users that not only help them in getting their favorite streaming material but also in making their experience an amplified one.

User-Friendly Interface

High-Definition Streaming Quality

Get a theater-like feel in your android, PC, or IOS device with the HD quality video of the Hotstar Mod Apk and have a fully satisfied entertainment shot. We all turn to the theaters and cinema halls to enjoy full-view support watch time and the app has changed the trend by offering versatile HD quality graphics so that no chance of missing a single point should remain but a wholesome to enjoy all. So, it is an amazing feature that works great in making your experience a pleasant one and by allowing you to watch your favorite shows with complete mod info and a high-quality screen.

High-Definition Streaming Quality

Adjustable Video quality

In addition to the highly defined quality video streaming, the Hotstar app also offers an adjustability slot so that the users can adjust the quality of the video as per their requirements and get free from the traditional locked post services. It happens that most of the time due to poor internet connection we face problems in streaming at high HD quality, detailed graphics view, or at 1080p but a relatively low pixel quality video turns out to be a greater source of amusement in such a case. For this, the Hotstar Mod Apk is offering an adjustability option instead of the locked view so that the users can turn to the suitable option without any difficulty but with ease get into it.

Adjustable Video quality

Smart Search

Search for the desired content without any complexity but with a simple search bar icon, write for the desired movie, drama, sort events, or series with a name and access it within no time. It makes users’ tasks more easily and also adds greater fun to their enjoyment hours. So, it is also a fantastic feature that is added in the latest version for uplifted fun that is also implied for the Hotstar app name search too.

Subscriptions Abolition Offer

There are lots of interpreted entertainment applications that are present in today’s world streaming hubs like Netflix, amazon prime, and other related streaming hubs that come with high-paid subscription plans but the latest Hotstar Mod is free from such states. It has a greater flexibility slot with various year, month, and pro plans that are accessed without the rooting needs. Additionally, there are people who want to get the Hotstar Mod Apk file without the subscriptions and rooting modes for this, download Hotstar Premium Apk for free.  

Customer Call Care

The Hotstar Mod Apk offers the best customer service not only in terms of the awe-inspiring streaming content but also for the problem-solving mechanism. It helps the users in every possible way through fully optimized functionality along with precise touchscreen operatory mechanics. Additionally, an active feedback mechanism is allocated in the app along with a customer call care service through which they can get out of any trouble and enjoy watching their favorite movies, series, or drama.

Customer Call Care

Through this, they can call to get help with app-related problems with a fully supported feedback system along with this, the players are also allowed to leave a comment.

User Support

When it comes to streaming, there is no competition for the Hotstar Premium Mod Apk latest version as it enables the person streaming over it to get the latest content uploads with the ability to post the issue along with the best solution available. If a person is stuck at a point he/she can drop a comment in the comment section and get a quick solution from any part of the world.

User Support

Also, the users concurrently watch the content offered by the Hotstar app on 2 devices with the best screen share so that they can enjoy streaming over with their friends. So, it also offers users to share their accounts with their friends and stream the content which is also a great user support.

Auto-Syncing and Auto-Connectivity

The latest version of Hotstar apk are well-adjusted in a synchronous manner along with an auto-syncing feature to assure a preferred network type for a smooth streaming experience. It is allocated with an automatic connecting unit that reduces the need to do the extra effort for the preferred server but with this feature, an auto-connectivity unit is adjusted in-app to turn to the nearest network when it comes in range. This is how a smoothly paved working and ever-fast performance is maintained.

Auto-Updating Features

Hotstar premium version allows the users to spend more time exploring the content instead of getting into the app management and updating. As we get new releases every day including sports highlights, movies, drama episodes, soaps, and other content and to get newly added content the app contains an auto-updating feature. It helps users in accessing the latest blockbuster content along with treasures instead of being restricted to limited content. Additionally, the material is made accessible for the users without any compromise on the video quality and other aspects but fully supported content is offered in this app.

Auto-Updating Features

Additionally, the material is made accessible for the users without any compromise on the video quality and other aspects but fully supported content is offered in this app.

Skip the Intro and Continue Watching

We usually don’t want to waste time in the intro and starting details while streaming a movie for this the Hotstar Premium apkis offering amazing features in the formskip button. So, if you are not interested to watch the starting stream you can avoid it by simply pressing the skip button and starting streaming from the desired material. Additionally, we often skip movies during streaming and when we watch it again we have to begin from the start or search where we left off but it is not the case with this app as there is an advanced feature that will make you continue watching from where you ended. So, it is a fantastic feature of the app and desirable too.

Multi-Lingual Support

One of the greater reasons behind the widely speared appeal of the Hotstar Mod Apk is that it offers extended content in more than 17 languages. There the users get professionally dubbed content in different languages support instead of being restricted to the originally stated language. As we all love Marvel Studio films like Avengers Infinity War, MS Marvel, Star Wars, and other hottest movies, and getting our favorite content in the Indian languages is what attracts the most to its users and undauntedly enhances the pleasure.

Multi-Lingual Support

Additionally, the dubbed vernacular also gets extended as there lies not only Hindi language support but also Tamil, Gujarati, English, Telugu, and other language transmissions as follows.

  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • English
  • Kannada

Subtitle Availability

In addition to the multi-lingual transmission and dubbed Hindi vernacular support, the Hotstar Mod Apk also offers subtitle availability to its users so that the content can be made clear with a professional support modem. With an original transmission language subtitle, you get a chance to understand the streaming content easily and explore more about that language.

Dual Streaming Modes

Watch videos anywhere everywhere with or without internet availability with the latest premium version of Hotstar which is the most craved feature for all streaming enthusiasts. It offers users to get out of the restricted streaming barrier that is considered to be possible only with a strong internet connection. But the Hotstar Mod Apk is amplified with distinctive strain so that the users can get refreshed at the time of need and at low intervals. For this, it is allocated by dual streaming modes as follows.

Dual Streaming Modes
  • Online mode
  • Offline mode

Both modes are really popular among users and allow them to watch their favorite TV shows, soaps, and movies anywhere. The online mode gets an internet connectivity initiative by which you can save and download the content in desired video quality and watch it later even if there is no internet connection. So, an amazing feature it is.

No Login Required

Another most awaited feature of the Hotstar Mod Apk is that there is no need of getting into an irritating login issue as it remains in most of the apps but with a professional go-to streaming application have a quality entertainment shot. We all get annoyed by the login procedure where creating a new account with detailed confidential information is included which is quite a time taking and really irritating. For this, the app is made free from such requirements but with a simple go-to stream option, it is made highly accessible, straightforward, and feasible with a minimalist interface.

No Login Required

Black Screen Fixed

If you are tired of the app with reoccurring black screen issues and want to stream with a clear resolution power then Hotstar Mod Apk will suit you the most. There the issue of a black screening is removed so that the users can Chromecast the content easily without any subscription or login requirement. It is also a mostly stated problem that gets fixed in the latest modified version of the Hotstar Mod Apk.

Hotstar Premium and VIP unlocked

Another fascinating feature of the Hotstar Mod Apk is that it offers an unlocked manual for Hotstar VIP content, attributes, and allocations. There the users get VIP and premium content for free and allow the users to watch American reality shows, series, and moves along with restricted content without any problem but all at greater ease. Additionally, in order to find the on-demand videos this premium unlocked also helps a lot.

Hotstar Premium and VIP unlocked

Storage Friendly

Unlike the other streaming apps, the apk Hotstar mod comes with a storage-friendly option. The Disney Plus Hotstar Mod Apk comes in a friendly size and doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your Android smartphone. Getting all the Disney media content without worrying about the size of the streaming app is just a brilliant of all features that the Hotstar apk offers. So, get this apk download and enjoy your time.

Storage Friendly

Hotstar Mod Apk Extensive Content Library

The Hotstar Mod Apk offers a wide mod menu of extended streaming content from Indian Native shows and programs to International content availability with a fully authoritative manual to watch without restriction. There lies an extensively spread content with distinctively categorized sots for each along with containing all the required material. The users love to watch shows and stream the following things on Hotstar.

Hotstar Mod Apk Extensive Content Library
  • Movies and Dramas
  • Live Sports and News Content
  • Kids Content
  • Hotstar Originals

Movies and Dramas

One of the most fascinating offers that the Hotstar Mod Apk contains is its movies and drama slot from old and new to the latest released material. There you cannot only find Bollywood movies but also Hollywood blockbusters. Watch your favorite superhero movies and shows with all your favorite TV shows and a variety of HBO, Pixar, and all the star India content within its movies buff and enjoy your time. Additionally, if you are Binge Watchers then it will also serve you to greater excellence with its multiple Hindi, English, and Vernacular shows. Watch Alita, Tanhaji, and other desired movies, TV serials, and the latest content along with limitless streaming hours of so many shows with this Hotstar mod.

Live Sports and News Content

In contrast to most of the streaming applications where the users only watch movies, web, series, and dramas that are already released, the Hotstar Mod Apk comes with a Live streaming slot with extensive Star network sports streams with biggest star India network as mentioned above. Exclusive movies and TV content with tremendous news coverage and news suggestions are also offered. Additionally, the users are assured to get all-in-one streaming features like cricket, channels, news streams, and live content coverage.

Kids Content

Hotstar app offers child-friendly features with amazing kid’s specific content variety in the form of the best animation movies, shows, and material. This feature is especially for those who want their children to watch content appropriate for their age with thrilling animation effects to fascinate the children. It contains famous cartoon series, movies, and web series including ever best Frozen, Lion King, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse along with Jungle Book, Toy Story, and much more.

Hotstar Originals

In addition to the exclusive movies, sports, and kids specials, the Hotstar Mod Apk also offers Hotstar Originals with authenticated streaming slots specific to the app only. Accessing unique content with full rights and controls offers an additional enjoyment slot that is only entertained via this app and not elsewhere. So, an additional enjoyment unit for the users to have fun and get amused.

Hotstar Mod Apk Advantages and Disadvantages

Undoubtedly for the world’s best entertainment stream coverage including movie buffs, popular sports tournaments, TV shows, and kid’s content, there could be no better hub than the Hotstar Mod Apk. The app comes with limitless advantages to offer the best streaming experience to its users with multiple mod features and high-tech entities that are briefly covered in this article along with disadvantages.


The app is playing a key role in entertaining people with unlimited content through its versatile pros or advantages that are mentioned below. Let’s know about these advantages.

  • Wide movie warehouse with Hollywood and Bollywood collections.
  • Extended streaming content with an auto-updating manual.
  • Lags-free and fully paved working.
  • Fast performance to improve streaming experience.
  • Optimized functionality without any extra hustle.
  • Live sports event coverage like VIVO IPL 2021, PKL, and so on.
  • Support Disney stories and kid’s content like Frozen, Lion King, etc.
  • Live news feeding along with multiple channels access.
  • Multi-lingual support to appeal to the extended audience.
  • Free web series available like Games of Thrones and other series.
  • Allows users to watch in both offline and online modes.


In addition to the pros, we have also covered the cons of the Hotstar Mod Apk which are also mentioned below to give a detailed set of information about the app to all its users. The following cons are included.

  • Some plans contain ads
  • There are many movies that are allocated without a subtitle feature.

Hotstar Mod Apk Premium Version Requirements

There are no hard requirement slots involved in downloading the Hotstar Mod Apk VIP unlocked but few very simple points that need to be taken into account to enjoy authoritative access over this top-rated streaming application. The key essentials to be taken into account are the software update, size, and device compatibility that is measured on the following things.

  • There should be a 4.1 or above android version
  • Your device much contain up to 200 MBs of free space
  • There must be third-party access to your device
  • Get a stable internet connection
  • There must be no original version existence

In addition to this, you should also know about the devices on which the app works with greater excellence. As compatibility is also assured by the type of android device using the application and just like other apps the Hotstar Mod Apk is made compatible with some particular android devices along with other devices. The following devices are counted in this respect.

  • Android smart TV and smartphone
  • Firestick
  • PCs and windows supportive system
  • Fire cube
  • IOS devices
  • Fire TV and Android TV Box
  • KODI android box

These are a few important points to be considered but again it’s a versatile streaming application that can be entertained on various android with simple necessities such as space and just like other applications you need a stable internet connection to enjoy fully defined streaming quality. All-in-all, it is an accessible streaming application with a minimalist interface and requirements and more to explore instead to manage.

How to download Hotstar Mod Apk

The article is full of all the required information needed to watch unlimited movie buffs and other genre streams online for free on the Hotstar Mod Apk. The users are provided with a step-by-step guide about how to download and install the Hotstar Mod Apk on their android device. There is nothing like getting into the rooting, subscription, and long-run supervision to play this latest hacked version in android but by following a few easy steps get it all done. There lies a very simple downloading, installation, and setup procedure that is also briefly mentioned in this article.

While initiating the downloading process it is also important to enable unknown sources from your android security system so that you may get a modified version of the Hotstar Mod Apk. It should be kept in mind to avoid any downloading-related problems. Also, you will get fully guided about every step in this article to get stuck at any point. These steps will lead you toward the subscription-free mod version of this Hotstar platform.  So, for the subscription, charges, or price-free access, let’s get started with the downloading guide as follows.

  • First thing first, uninstall the original restricted or the official version of Hotstar to access the latest modded version. It is a crucial step to access the latest hack that is impossible to get if you have the official version.
  • After this, open your android’s chrome, write Hotstar Mod apk, and search for it.
  • Find a secure third-party source such as our website and click to open it.
  • Scroll down the article and find the download link mentioned on the website.
  • Click to initiate the downloading process and let it complete.

Note: it is very important to allow third-party access from your device security system while installing the app. For this, you need to access the settings of your smartphone and then allow the unknown resources access from it. Also, accessing a secure and professional third-party source by unknown resources access from the setting is the key point to keep in mind that is only possible if you allow unknown resources access. Additionally, for further help, you can drop a comment in the comment section.

How to install the Hotstar Mod Apk

In addition to the downloading guide, here in this section you also get fully guided about how to install the Hotstar Mod Apk. It is also very easy to install the application with straightforward and fully paved steps and to help the users in this process a comprehensive step-by-step instruction manual is given as mentioned below. So, let’s get started with it and install the Hotstar Mod Apk premium unlocked without any hassle with a simple install button by following the 5 very simple steps.

  • Check if the downloading process is 100% complete.
  • Uninstall the original Hotstar application.
Let it complete and open it with your present account via the new account.
  • Go to the downloaded files option in “File Manager” and find the desired apk file.
Let it complete and open it with your present account via the new account.
  • Click the file to initiate the installation process.
Let it complete and open it with your present account via the new account.
  • Let it complete and open it with your present account via the new account.
Let it complete and open it with your present account via the new account.

There are no hard rules or subscription processes involved in its installation process but it is kept very simple and easy to follow steps so that the newbies can also access it with a heightened proficiency. But it should be kept in mind that you are getting a paid version that is also modified and amplified. So, there should be no already present account to access the modded one.

Note: uninstall the existing official version to get the modified one.

2 Common Hotstar Mod Apk Problems with Solution

While accessing a modified version such as Hotstar Mod Apk, most people claim about the 2 most common things related to the downloading and installation issues, it can be easily eliminated by following a few very simple steps. This article also deals with system-related problems and common faqs along with a soft solution for them so that the users get everything fully sorted and assembled to avoid their worry and that too with no buy issue involved. Most people especially newbies get stuck in these issues and tend to skip their search for accessing the Hotstar Mod Apk premium unlocked. But a detailed instruction manual to deal with the issue with safe url access and simple to follow guide are also given with a stated problem and its solution.

1: Unable to Download the Latest Modified Version of Hotstar Mod Apk

Most of the users face downloading issues while accessing the hacked or modified versions of the original restricted application because of a common issue and that is to allow the third-party source from settings. Most of the devices of the users get restricted to the original versions and to access the Hotstar mod apk file remember to first allow the unknown resources access by doing the following steps.


  • Tap to open the phone.
  • Open the phone “Setting” and access the “Security” option.
Open the phone “Setting” and access the “Security” option. (1)
  • Go to the “Device Administration” and access the “Unknown Resources” option.
  • Tap to “Enable” the unknown resources.
Tap to “Enable” the unknown resources.
  • All get solved and you can download the app after enabling the third-party access.

2: Unable to Install the Hotstar Premium Apk

Another major problem that the users mainly complain about is related to its installation process. The Hotstar Mod Apk can be easily installed with a very simple touchscreen installation process that is briefly mentioned above but due to some common issues we made, it gets harder. We mainly fail in getting the modded Hotstar Premium apk because of the existence of the official application in our android that should be uninstalled first and then the new one should be installed. For this, you don’t have to be worried by simply doing the following steps.


  • Click and hold the official Hotstar application and uninstall it.
  • Go to the downloaded apk files and find the desired one.
  • Initiate the installation process.
  • Let it complete and get started with the new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the latest hacked version of Disney+Hotstar Mod Apk is a free-of-cost streaming application to be downloaded on users’ android devices without any payment method but by clicking the download link given on our website get all done at zero cost.

Yes, if you install the Hotstar Mod Apk via apk file by using our website’s link then you can access it with 100% safety without any damage to your android system. There lies a professionally tested mechanism for absolute protection that proves to be a legendary mark to make the app run smoothly without any problematic trace.  

No, there is no harm in updating the Hotstar Mod Apk application via apk file by using a secure third-party source as our website to protect your data.

There are no hard and tough chucks to run the Hotstar Mod Apk on your android but it is an android specified application with 47 MBs space requirement and space in your android and 4.1 or above version.

To access a wide range of premium content without any subscription, download the Hotstar Mod Apk from our website link and enjoy thousands of free streaming hours.

The Hotstar apk officially launched by Star India on 11 February 2015 as Hotstar with regard to the 2015 Indian Premier League and 2015 World Cup correspondence and then on April 3, 2020, as Disney+ Hotstar.

Final Verdict Of Hotstar MOD Apk

The article is full of all the required information of all the features, faqs, reviews, and best content that the user must have, to make a clear choice about their spare interval companion like the Hotstar Mod Apk so that fully-fledged entertainment access can be enjoyed at no hustle. It is a free-of-cost and fully optimized application by Novi Digitals for 1000s hours of Indian native and international content streaming from entertainment and news channels to sports and live broadcasts with 10,000,000s of downloads.

To conclude, the Hotstar Mod Apk is worth downloading video-on-demand pro pack entertainment hub for all Android users to cherish their spare intervals with the required movies, dramas, soaps, sports, and news streams and spend quality time in their favorite genre streaming. It can sever the people in not only India but also in various other countries of the world like that of the United Kingdom, the US, and Canada for free. All the information required to download the Hotstar premium mod apk is provided with a detailed view of all the features, TV channels of India, international stream, and FAQs along with the best Hotstar mod conclusion so that the player can subscribe to this fun access without pay.

Also, the paid subscription option can be entertained with some advanced functions and working units to provide additional help. Additionally, the app is storage-friendly and highly compatible with all Android, IOS, and PCs. It is also 100% safe from lagging, loading, rooting, and other problematic concerns and is made free from them by developers with some highly professional anti-malware unit injection. So, search the app by name, and in order to download the Hotstar Mod Apk premium free subscription on your Android device, click to get help from our website and enjoy streaming thousands of hours of your favorite content at zero buy cost and zero hassle.