How to Connect Hotstar to TV? (Complete Guide)

Looking for an expert method to activate Hotstar on TV? If yes, then you have come to the right place.Disney+ Hotstar is the reliable video-streaming platform that offers all-genre of content to the users from live IPL and sports streaming to hit Bollywood movies and trending shows. An overall coverage from celebrity gossips to the reality and talk shows is offered that keep the users engaged and refreshed. The Hotstar Mod Apk is proving to be the best steaming power with an official right to offer the users stream IPL 2020 along with the trending content coverage that is improving its worth and placing its above in the prioritized list of streaming enthusiasts.

How To Connect Hotstar To TV

About Hotstar Activation on TV

The Hotstar Premium Apk serves with an amusing entertainment content that is diversified from web series, films, and dramas, to Hotstar Specials, reality shows, and all-genre content. It is a premium video streaming platform that bring with varied subscription plans from VIP to Premium Subscription Plans that are all highly appreciable to stream for non-ending entertainment hours.

Also, the subscription plans bring the fun of streaming the Hotstar content on diverse platforms from smart apps on smart devices to screen mirroring for big screen view. It is really an incredible feature that helps the players to watch their favorite shows and movies on much bigger screen of the laptops and Smart TVs. There is a professional adapter that works great to mirror your screen with a brilliant built-in screencasting technology.

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About Hotstar Activation on TV

So, if you want to cast the Hotstar Premium Apk content from the Hotstar Apps to the SmartTV then our post will really help you out. Here, an expert guide is offered to the users that will really help them to make the best use of the screen mirroring and screen casting technology of this streaming app and enjoy the Hotstar content on much wider screen.

Activating Hotstar on TV

The very thing that is must to do to activate the Disney plus Hotstar on your smart TV screen is to own a premium Hotstar account that will lead you to stream the neo-noir thriller web-series along with all-genre action content. So, to help you to own a Hotstarpremium account we have also covered a professional guide in this post. Let’s, get started with it.

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How to Create Hotstar Premium Account

There are few very simple steps that are involved to the help the users begin a premium subscription on Hotstar. Let’s begin the steps.

How to Create Hotstar Premium Account
  • Get started with
  • Open the manual and choose a plan.
  • Begin the sign-up process and end it with payment.
  • Click on the subscription link appeared on the screen.
  • Congratulations! You own a Hotstar account.

After successfully owning a Hotstar premium account the next step is to sign into your account on your smart TV to enjoy the premium content on much wider and comfortable screen without any issue. For this, we are also offering an exert guide that will lead the users towards a successive activation of Hotstar on TV. So, let’s also get started with it.

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How to Login Hotstar in TV

It is very easy to login to the Hotstar account in TV and stream in desired resolution power with full support.Let’s begin the steps involved in this process.

How to Login Hotstar in TV
  • First power on the TV.
  • Then launch the Hotstar App on TV.
  • Click on My Account option and stream any content.
  • A code will appear on screen.
  • Now, go to by phone or PC.
  • Login to your premium account and enter the code.
  • Enjoy!

Disney+ Hotstar Not Activating on TV Issues Resolved

It happens that sometimes due some errors, the Hotstar cannot be activated on the TV devices that lead to a greater distress and irritation. Because there is no awareness that why is it happening, there remain no possible solution to ask for. For this, we have listed some common problems along with their expert solution. There are 2 most common Issues unable to cast content to TV and these are due to following.

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Disney+ Hotstar Not Activating on TV Issues Resolved
  • App glitches

Both issues are common and can be easily sorted out without any extra hassle but by doing two simple things as follows.

  • Reinstall the app.
  • Try updating the app and then retry connecting.


To conclude, for the users who wonder how to connect Hotstar to TV, an ultimate help is provided in this article with a detailed guide along with some common issue resolving factors. With a perfected help and quick steps, the users are allowed to enjoy an excessively powerful streaming slot on their TV screen without the need of getting into extra hassles but all with full system support, perfection, and precision in HD quality streaming. So, if you want to watch your favorite Indian dramas, movies, live shows, and IPL matches on bid screen of your TV then follow the above-mentioned guide and enjoy it all.

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