How To Share Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription? (Step By Step)

Disney Plus Hotstar with over 100 million subscriptions and widespread audience is the most popular OTT platform for the all-genre Indian content, Hollywood content, and Disney programs collaboration. The Hotstar Mod Apk bring a great streaming service for the users that is maintained with an aesthetic fun-range involvement and thrilling category content library to serve the users with a greater source of fun.

How To Share Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription

There are various subscription plans with described devices connectivity offer that is to offer the users to share their subscription with their family members and friends. Also, it is to support the group purchase that is to bring a user-friendlyjust like the Netflix and other most popular streamingapps. The Hotstar Premium Apk users are allowed to avail this service and there are same clauses as of the Netflix to avail this option.

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Is the Disney+ Hotstar a shared streaming platform like the Netflix?

This is the highly raised questions of the Hotstar users that is answered in a professional way along with the sorted process to share this subscription with friends and family members. If you have the same questions along with required solution method, then you have some to the most preferable place. The answer to this question is in absolute yes and that too with an expert guide.

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Disney Hotstar a shared streaming platform like the Netflix

How to Share Disney+ Hotstar Subscription

Your household members can enjoy sharing subscription with you through the premium account with streamers at the same without any restriction. The users can give their password just like in the Netflix and then share your Disney plus Hotstar with them. Also, your friends can get amused from this feature by getting password. Likewise, there are 2 most popular ways to share the Hotstar with any of your companion that are as follows.

  • By sharing password
  • Via Group watch and SharePlay

Via Password Share

Via Password Share

The password share method is very simple and the easiest one that begins by making sure that a user avail the premium subscription plan with their active account on the Disney Plus Hotstar app. After an active account where the users are provided with a login password they can just share the password to allow their family members and companions to enjoy streaming over this application.

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Via Group Watch and SharePlay

Via Group Watch and SharePlay

Another most soothing and effective way to enjoy a shared Hotstar stream is through the Group Watch and SharePlay. In this method, the Hotstar subscription holder share it with streamer via account Sync that is also equally thrilling and amusing option to get amused. It is also very simple and easy with thrilling sharing method and process.

How to Kick People Offfrom the Disney+ Hotstar Account

Do you want to kick some people off your Disney+ Hotstar account? If yes, then we also have a soft solution for you. Once you have shared the Hotstar subscription, it happens that you want to get I back from some people due to any of the reason and to support your decision we have the best way to get it packs or to kick them off.There are 2 basic methods to do so.

  • Change password
  • Block Person

Both of these methods are really effective to snatch your subscription from a person. In first methods you just simple change your login password and then give to the person you want to. Also, if you are not comfortable with changing your password then you can simple block a person from your Hotstar account and kick that person off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is 100% safe to share Disney plus Hotstar subscription with your friends and fellow companions.

Yes, you can easily kick the people off from your Disney+ Hotstar account by changing your password or blocking them.

You can create up-to 6 profiles in Disney+ Hotstar.

Final Words

Summing up, do you want to know about the method of sharing your Disney+ Hotstar account with your family members or friends? If yes the we have covered a complete guide with 2 basic methods to do so. Also, the related information stats are very well-elaborated in this post to make the users fully aware of all that is required to share the Disney+ Hotstar account. Along with this, to help the uses kicking the people off their Hotstar account, we have covered the 2 most effective ways. All-in-all, a detailed guide about How to Share Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription is given in this post with all the related info. Additionally, for more info you can comment below.

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