How To Cancel Hotstar Subscription? (Step By Step Guide)

Disney+ Hotstar is the high-rated paywalled OTT platform to enjoy the exclusive Indian content from a wide range of TV and movies to the shows and live sports. It is the most in-demand OTT platform that is serving the users with a full-time entertainment streaming. The Hotstar Mod Apk is known to be the leading application from celebrity bashes and Hotstar Specials coverage to the award-winning Bollywood movies and famous web-series. Everything is optimized to a greater level of perfection along with a wide option menu to amuse the users.

However, for those who are wandering for a smooth and professional way to cancel Disney+ Hotstar subscription due to the heavy cost of time that these digital platforms carry, a detailed guide will be provided to them by this post. It happens that sometimes an instant beak is required whether to switch to another streaming platform or it can be anything like that. It is also a matter of fact that multiple subscriptions can put a heavy weight of cost over the users.

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How To Cancel Hotstar Subscription

For this, the users wander about how to cancel Hotstar Subscription as there is no auto cancellation process involved in it especially for those who purchased the subscription through a credit card or debt card. Although, the users with internet banking subscription can get an automatic subscription cancellation that expire their subscription at the end of the plan.But for others is really remain a cause of disturbance.

So, to help the players in cancelling the Hotstar Premium Apk subscription without any long-run hassling method involvement at some easy clicks, we have covered a detailed guide about how to cancel the Hotstar subscription along with proper refund. Below a detailed step-by step guide is provided. Let’s begin with this professional guide and cancel the subscription with professional support.

How to Cancel Disney+ Hotstar Subscription

It is very easy and simple to cancel your Disney Hotstar subscription by following few very simple and easy-to-follow steps. Also, helping guide about cancelling the Hotstar subscription on different devices is offered for the players to help them cancel the subscription through distinctive platforms like the through the Hotstar official website and Hotstar smartphone app. So, let’s begin the guide.

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Canceling Hotstar Subscription Via Different Platforms

There are various platforms to help the users cancel the Hotstar subscription with some easy and quick helping states involved. The following option platforms are included in it.

Canceling Hotstar Subscription Via Different Platforms
  • Canceling Hotstar Subscription Via Official Website
  • Cancel Hotstar Subscription through Android
  • Canceling Hotstar Subscription through iTunes

These 3 methods are there helping the users to get their Hotstar subscription canceled in any of the devices. Also, for the users who wander how to cancel Hotstar subscription in USA, a perfect solution is offered for them. So, let’s begin with these platforms adds.

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How to cancel Hotstar Subscription Via Website

For the users who are looking for the Hotstar subscription cancelling process via website, an ultimate and expert guide is there to help. It will also help for the users who are in the USA to cancel the subscription which is professional attained with the help of a VPN.Let’s have a look at the steps involved in its cancellation.

How to cancel Hotstar Subscription Via Website
  • First thing first, get a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install it.
  • Click to open the VPN and connect to the Indian Server.
  • Open a new browser and go to the Hotstar Website.
  • Sign into your account and click on the settings option.
  • Click on the subscription option and find the Unsubscribe option.
  • Click on it and cancel the Disney+ Hotstar subscription.
  • You will get a verification message for the successful cancellation confirmation.

Note: the same process will be involved for those who search for “how to cancel Hotstar subscription in USA” but the VPN is must.

How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription Through Android

There is no doubt that the Hotstar serves the android users with smart apps that is to offers an un-ending streamings lot on smartphones’ screens. So, to help the streamers cancel the Hotstar subscription through the androids, an expert guide with few very simple steps is also offered. So, let’s beginmwith it.

How to Cancel Hotstar Subscription Through Android
  • Firstly, subscribe to the ExpressVPN and set it on your device.
  • Open it and Connect to the recommended Indian Server (India via Singapore).
  • Go to the Hotstar app and login to your account through settings.
  • Find the Cancel Membership option from your account and click on it.
  • Wait for the confirmation message and you are done with subscription cancellation.

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Note:wait for the confirmation message and if the confirmation message is not appeared then again do the above-mentioned procedure.

How to Cancel Hotstar subscription through iTunes

For the users who want to cancel their Hotstar subscription through the iTunes and are looking for an expert guide for it, we are here with an easy and supportive guidance manual. So, let’s cancel the subscription through iTunes by following few steps.

How to Cancel Hotstar subscription through iTunes
  • Get a reliable VPN like Express VPN, download it, and set it on device.
  • Open the downloaded VPN and connect to the Indian Server.
  • Go to your IOS setting and find the App Store and iTunes.
  • Use you Touch ID by authenticating Apple ID with password.
  • Then head towards the subscription option and click on Unsubscribe.

Congratulations you have successfully unsubscribed

Frequently Asked Questions

Access your account though the official website of Hotstar and cancel your Hotstarsubscription along with refund in USA. Also, the above-mentioned guide will help you.First guide link

To stop the Hotstar auto debit, cancel the Hotstar subscription membership. Also, one can get help from our website guide too.

To check your Hotstar subscription after cancellation, go to your Hotstar account details, and check your present subscription status.

Final Verdict

Summing up, we are enlisted the 3 successful and commonly asked Disney+ Hotstar subscription cancellation methods with regards to the different platforms to help the users getting a successful cancellation with an ease. For those who are searching about how to can cancel Hotstar subscription in USA or want to unsubscribe the subscription without any Geo-restricted payment policy, our website will really help you out. A simplistic guide with few easy steps is offered to help the users. Also, the Hotstar customer support site is available to help the users. So, to cancel the Hotstar subscription with ease and to get refund, get help from our guide.

For more queries and support, you can also comment below in the section!

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